June 2022

Product Update - June 2022

This covers Space Connect content released between 22nd March 2022 and 21st June 2022

These are the big-ticket items that our eager beaver dev teams have been working on for the last couple of months.
Space Connect Panel App
We have introduced a brand new, written-from-the-ground-up, room panel application. Our existing one was getting a bit janky, so we bit the bullet and developed a shiny new addition to the Space Connect family.  It keeps all the good stuff and gently waves goodbye to the less good stuff. 👋
It's available for Yealink, Crestron and IAdea panels and is available for download for Android and iOS devices. You can even run it in a browser!
Best of all it's completely free!  😱 😲
All you need is Space Connect and rooms.
It's time to dig out that old device and give it a whirl. If you like what you see, and want to purchase panels, then contact our team and they can get you a great deal, or just keep on using that old one. 
Your office - your rules!
Visitor Management System - Windows
We've also ported our VMS product to support Windows operating systems.  It provides most of the features of the iOS equivalent but works on Windows - simples.
Contact the support team if this flavour of VMS tickles your tastebuds.
Bulk Import Desks
It's been a long time coming but we've finally managed to squeeze in some development effort to allow the import of desks. The zen-like concentration of desk addition is no longer needed (if you know you know 😉) - Just simply log into the Admin Portal, navigate to your location list and import away.  Imports are across your whole organisation, so the bigger you are - the easier we have made it for you.
Improved Notifications
I'll let you in on a secret - ever since we did a big overhaul on desk functionality we've always been unhappy with notifications.  Having a combined set for all spaces just didn't feel right. Well, we have finally managed to resolve it. There is now a clear separation between desk and room notifications with much clearer descriptions of how it functions. You still have the ability to modify the time of notifications and their active/inactive status. 
Desk Booking Email Confirmation Link
A small one from our customer feedback channels.  After booking a desk the confirmation email now includes a link to the desk booking site.  
Bookable Fixed Desks
Another requested feature - Fixed desks are desks that can be assigned to a specific person. We have now added the ability for that person to book the desk (which helps when determining when that person is in the office via Locate Me).

In addition, a fixed desk is visible to everybody using some additional iconography to ensure that everybody knows where the important people sit!

Visitor Management Admin Improvements
A set of improvements within the Admin Portal - Visitors list to make life a little bit better.  We've enabled the deletion of visitors within the app to conform to Article 17 GDPR rules.  The entry is kept but visitor data (including pictures) is removed.  We've also improved the default view and the sort order on the page.  Those visitors wandering your corridors 🚶 after being trapped for 28 days will be a thing of the past. 
Desk Booking PWA QR Code scanner
I love the Desk Booking PWA. The only thing that I don't love is Apple's insistence that PWA's should be incrementally introduced into iOS.  It means that after checking in with a QR code, all iOS devices would open a new browser window rather than just load the PWA that you already have on your phone. It almost makes me want an android phone.. To prevent this fate the dev team introduced the ability to scan the QR code directly from the PWA. Simple, secure and sanity-saving.
These are the smaller items that don't hit the headlines but still deserve a little moment in the spotlight.
Floor Plan / Desk Image
It used to be called Floor Plan Image - we've renamed it Desk Image as it makes more sense!  Add a picture of the desk to help users locate the exact one!
Default Room Type
When creating a room the room type is now set as Meeting Room by default.  This has probably reduced our support tickets by 625% 😀👍 
Nested Security Groups
We have now added support for nested security groups in O365/Active Directory.
  • Desk Booking Monitor failed to check in to desks in certain scenarios.
  • Web admin > Locate me setting > Key contacts configuration > Can't delete key contacts successfully due to special chars
  • Remove peggy email from VMS emails.
  • Fixed Bulk room import for google customers
  • Locate Me > The system now shows results when searching with the last name.
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