How to Set-up the Android Tablet Panel App

Follow this guide to install the Space Connect Room Panel app for use outside meeting rooms on an Android Tablet.

Firstly, download and install the latest version of the Space Connect Panel app from the Google Play store.

Once the app has been downloaded click on the Space Connect panel app icon and you will be presented with a login screen. Enter the email address for an Admin User within your Space Connect account and press "Login".

Please Note: Google Workspace customers should enter the email address and password for the room booking account created during Google configuration.

We advise creating a service account and placing it within the Space Connect admin group for panel login purposes. It's important to configure this account so that it's exempt from mandatory password changes or any other settings that might trigger re-authentication.

An authentication page for either Microsoft or Google will show and allow you to enter the password for the Admin user email address you entered. Once successfully authenticated you will be automatically redirected back to the Space Connect app.

It's now time to set the room you wish to be displayed on the panel. Select the Location, Level and Room from the drop-down lists.

You can now customise the settings by toggling the options shown on or off. Once done tap the "Save" button at the bottom or top right of the screen to finish the setup.

Please Note: If you need to exit the app, simply press the cogwheel on the right and enter the default pin code. Reach out to if you require the pin code. 

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