March 2022

Product Updates - March 2022 

This covers Space Connect content released between 1st Jan 2022 and 21st March 2022

SCO-1704 - Locate Me
The Locate Me functionality has undergone a dramatic overhaul and now provides all of the following benefits:
  • At a glance visibility of available desks (agile or bookable)
  • At a glance visibility of available rooms.
  • Powerful search facilities across spaces and people.
  • Hands-free kiosk mode (For large screens) or touch-enabled kiosks in reception areas.
  • Find key contacts such as First Aiders or Fire Wardens quickly and easily.
Delve deeper with our guide on this great new addition to the Space Connect feature set.  
Why Locate Me?
With the extended functionality provided, we looked at whether a name change would be suitable for the Locate Me feature. It provides much more than the key contact locator that previously existed.
Through user testing, we found that it helps users overcome any potential complexities of navigating an office environment, helping the user become grounded within their office space and so Locate Me seems an even more logical fit.
SCO-2757 - COVID Questionnaire
It is now possible to supplement the questionnaire functionality with a vaccine status question that helps administrators better understand the vaccine demographic of their workforce.  Please read the knowledge base documents to better understand how to set up and utilise this feature.
SCO-3113 - Desk Booking App - Export Booking Data
As an administrator, it is now possible to configure and download an export of past, present and future desk booking data to better understand how spaces are utilised within your organisation.
SCO-3002 - Rename H&S/COVID-19 title menu
The Admin Portal H&S/COVID-19 menu name has changed to Restrictions/COVID-19 to make it easier to understand for non-UK countries.
SCO-2638 - Rate limit/lockout period on the login function
Email and Password customers now benefit from additional security.  If the wrong password is entered numerous times then the account will be locked and released after a set period of time.


Application Access Policies
Space Connect has always used Enterprise Applications to connect to Microsoft O365 Cloud Services. Whilst this is the Microsoft recommended mechanism it has lacked the granular permissions that were possible with on-prem impersonated accounts.  
In February 2022, Microsoft announced the introduction of Application Access Policies for Enterprise Applications, bringing more granular control of mailboxes and resources. This has been tested and confirmed to be working with Space Connect. We have documented the enablement process to allow customers to benefit from this additional security.
SCO-3002 - VMS - Employee Sign Out incorrectly requires both email and contact number
The VMS solution incorrectly required both email and contact number to be filled out. This has now been rectified.
SCO-3120 - Unable to book a desk when the organisation configured as a co-working space
If an organisation is configured as a co-working space it must be possible for another authorised organisation to book a desk in that space. This was not functioning as expected but has not been rectified.
SCO-2761 - Desk Booking App - "Book on Behalf Of" functionality incorrectly included deleted user accounts in search results
As per the title, the "Book on Behalf Of" functionality incorrectly displayed deleted user accounts.  This has now been rectified.
SCO-2750 - Admin - Busiest Day Insight data incorrect
The busiest day insight was using the wrong data point to determine the busiest day.  This resulted in incorrect content being displayed. This has now been rectified.  The analytic now considers the end of the booking DateTime.
SCO-2815 - Rooms were not "auto-released" as expected
An issue in the internal booking processor resulted in some rooms, not "auto-releasing" as expected.  This has now been rectified.
SCO-3009 - Incorrect English in mobile application
If no map was configured for a floor in the mobile application then a message was displayed with poorly worded English. This has now been rectified.
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