Check-in or Book a Desk via QR Code Using your Mobile Phone

You can book and check into a desk by scanning a QR code, please follow this guide on how to do this.

Organisations using Space Connect can produce labels containing QR codes for each desk. These can be stuck on or near a desk for a user to scan easily.

Use your mobile phone camera or a 3rd party QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the desk you wish to book or check in to. This will open a web browser on your phone and sign in if you're not already.

If you haven't already booked the desk it will tell you if it's available and then take you to the booking section to book the desk, you will need to re-scan the QR code to check-in.

If you have already booked the desk it will take you straight to check-in.

Your organisation may have chosen to set up a questionnaire before you can check in. Select "YES" or "NO" accordingly and then select "CONTINUE".

If all your answers are submitted as "safe" then you will be checked in and will see the confirmation message below.

If the answers you provide are submitted as "Not safe" then you will see the warning message below and you will not be checked in. Depending on your Organisation's configuration some of your future bookings may also be cancelled as you're not supposed to enter the office for a period of time.

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