How to Use Locate Me

Locate Me is perfect for users wishing to find a key contact, a desk or a colleague with ease.

This functionality is available to all integration types, however, Email and Password users do not have the Key Contact Group functionality. This article will highlight all of the features and what they do.

Login to the web app here and enter your email address to be taken to the correct sign in method for your organisation.

On the left-hand side, you will see a navigation panel. Click on the “Locate Me” icon to open the Locate Me interface.

Select the location you wish to view. Click on a desk to see who has booked that desk.

You can change the time to show real-time or to show a future date to find where your colleagues or key contacts have booked desks in the future. To search for a specific person, type their name into the “Search for a person or space” section.

You can also search for a specific desk you would like to see bookings for in the search section of the panel.

There’s also the ability to book a desk from the locate me view, which is the same as the map view on the usual desk booking window. You simply click on an available desk and click “Book”, this will then take you back to the booking window and click “Book” again to book the desk.

Key Contacts is a great way to find staff members with a particular role, for example, Duty Managers, Fire Marshalls, First Aiders, or whoever you deem fit. To find where a Key Contact is sitting toggle on the appropriate group, and they will show as the colour you have chosen when mapping your groups on the Locate Me map.

You can also go to the key contact list and see all the users within the group that have bookings. You can click 'locate me' to see the user's resource on the map.

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