How to Use Locate Me Kiosk

The Locate Me Kiosk allows you to display the locate me feature on an interactive display.

This feature is ideal for organisations with receptions and kiosks.

The locate me kiosk can be an excellent tool to find key contacts, find a desk, or find a colleague in the workspace all from a kiosk or any interactive displays in the office.

This functionality is available to all integration types, however, Email and Password users do not have the Key Contact Group functionality.

Log in to the Web App enter your email address for your kiosk user credentials to be taken to the correct sign in method for your organisation. (If you have not yet set this up please follow this guide first SSO, Email & Password

You will be prompted to enter Full-screen mode by the system. Click "Allow".

You can now use locate me as normal in the Kiosk mode. You can find the guide here on how to use Locate Me.

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