What is the difference between Company Admin, Manager and User roles?

Space Connect offers three distinct roles: Company Admin, Manager, and User. This article will provide a clear overview of the differences between these roles, helping you make informed decisions about role allocation..

Company Admin Role

A Company Admin enjoys comprehensive access to all aspects of Space Connect. They can seamlessly navigate both the User Portal and the Admin Portal.

Within the Admin Portal, they have the authority to modify and oversee all settings in Space Connect. Furthermore, they possess access to the admin tab located inside the User Portal. Additionally, they can utilise the book on behalf of feature, which allows them to make reservations on behalf of other users.

Manager Role

A Manager enjoys additional privileges compared to a User but operates within more limited boundaries than a Company Admin.

They have access to the User Portal, yet they do not possess entry to the Admin Portal. Managers, however, can utilise the admin tab located inside the User Portal, granting them certain administrative capabilities. Additionally, they have the ability to use the book on behalf of feature, allowing them to make reservations on behalf of other users however unlike the Admin role they can only book on behalf of individuals within their associated zones.

User Role

A User is the default role assigned to individuals upon signing into Space Connect. They have access exclusively to the User Portal. Users do not have access to features like book on behalf of or any administrative settings or tabs.

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