How to Use the Book on Behalf Of Tool

The "Book on Behalf of" feature is exclusively accessible to users who hold either the Company Administrator role or the Manager role. Company Administrators have the capability to book on behalf of any individual, while Managers are limited to booking on behalf of individuals within their primary zone.

To begin, please log in to the desk booking portal using your credentials.

Ensure that you're on the 'Book' tab within the left-hand navigation panel, and instead of selecting 'Book as me,' click on 'Book on behalf of.'

Enter the name of the user you intend to book on behalf of, then select their name from the drop-down menu. Proceed with the booking process just as you would when reserving a desk for yourself.

Please note that the user you wish to book on behalf of must already be a part of the system and should have previously signed in to Space Connect in order to appear in the drop-down menu.

The user will receive an email confirmation of the booking for their reference.

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