December 2022

Product Updates from the last 6 months.

This covers Space Connect content released between 22nd June 2022 and 21st December 2022.  It’s been another period of furious activity within the team - here are the highlights. 

Login Screen

How easy is this now?

The booking app has always had a multi-link login screen making login for new users tricky.   It’s never been insurmountable and once you know (you know), but with us soon focussing all new features into the booking app we thought it was important to simplify the login experience as much as possible. 

We’ve removed the buttons and replaced them with one email field.  The software automatically loads the correct authentication method and directs accordingly.  Simpler, easier and our designers said it looked nicer as well. 🙂

Chat Bubble

If anything is bothering you about the software and you want a friendly chat, click the button located throughout the software and get connected directly to our talented team of support agents.

Workspace Insights

We have completely reworked and re-architected the reporting from within the Admin tool to deliver the new Workspace Insights.

  • One entry report with a navigable structure.  As your business grows and you utilise more of the Space Connect products then the available reports automatically grow.
  • Summary of your entire workspace in one single dashboard.
  • New UI design for greater simplicity.
  • Improved control over location and time-based filters, making it easier to see the latest data.
  • Improved Timezone based control ensures that all booking data correctly reports time-based on the location of booking. 
  • Significant performance improvements.  The data loads faster from launch and in-report filtering transitions in an instant.
  • View future Pre-registration data to surface location-based footfall and capacity planning.

Duplicate Domain Support

The Space Connect software was designed to support one environment per domain.  Whilst this was logical it didn’t allow larger multinational users, or users with multiple locations with distinct rules, to co-exist with the same authentication method.

This has now changed. ⭐ 💥  The software can support the same domain across multiple environments, which means that different desk rules, questionnaires, meeting rules, and VMS settings can happily be supported.

Users can also exist in multiple environments, with the correct rules applied at run-time.

If this is of interest then use that chat bubble to start the conversation with the support team!

Booking Calendar Control

The calendar control within the booking app now benefits from the ability to show users when they have desk bookings and meetings.  This speeds up the booking process and ensures that users can more easily determine their in-office and remote days.

Verified Enterprise Applications

All Space Connect Enterprise Applications are now Microsoft Verified.  Publisher verification gives app users and organisation admins information about the authenticity of a developer who publishes an app that integrates with the Microsoft identity platform.

Upcoming features

As mentioned in our PWA-related post in October we are nearing completion of the features that will remove our existing native applications on iOS and Google and replace them with one PWA.

Initially, we will deliver configurable resources and room booking directly in the Web App/PWA.  Configurable resources enable you to create your own resources and assign them to desks and rooms.  Completely configurable to suit the needs of your business.  Room booking will benefit from the same user interface as desk booking, combining your Google or Microsoft calendar information with the extended feature set and ease of use of Space Connect.

Soon after we will release Zone based booking!  Enabling you to associate people with zones.  Improving footfall through the office, better usage of desks and room stock, the enablement of primary and secondary zones and manager level admin booking and management.  

We are pretty excited about this trilogy and whilst it can’t possibly top the original Star Wars it will definitely be better than Jar Jar Binks.

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