October 2022

Product Updates - October 2022

Mobile Apps

At Space Connect we currently support three different Space Connect Mobile Applications.
  1. Android Native Mobile
  2. iOS Native Mobile
  3. The App - app.spaceconnect.co (responsive across Web, tablet and mobile) - installable as an application (PWA)
 To ensure that Space Connect continues to deliver all of the features that keep it at the forefront of workplace software, we have looked at customer end-point usage and taken the decision to focus all future development on the PWA.
This will ensure a uniform user experience irrelevant of where “The App” is accessed, be it on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. New functionality will therefore no longer be released into the Android Native and iOS Native applications.
There are a number of reasons:
  • The app.spaceconnect.co codebase is the most recent and uses modern development practices to deliver the optimum Space Connect Experience in terms of speed, UX, integration and security.
  • The advancements in web apps running on mobile devices (PWA) mean that we can deliver a user experience on par with native apps.
  • Fewer products mean we can deliver more features sooner with the same resources.
  • Updates are performed automatically without any additional download. This ensures that all users use the same version of Space Connect AS SOON as we push an update.
  • Modern authentication methods and architecture improve compatibility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune). Require App Protection Policy is a supported option with The App.

Feature Parity

We will remove support for the mobile applications once the app has achieved feature parity with the native mobile applications.
For the avoidance of doubt this will occur when:
  • An alternative method for push notifications is implemented.


Push Notifications are not supported in iOS for PWAs. Apple has indicated that web push notifications will be delivered in 2023 - https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-16/features/ 

Based on this we have decided to switch notifications to email. This ensures that all users get notifications irrespective of an app being installed. Admins do not need to enable this; the settings configured for push notifications will seamlessly apply to email-based notifications.
  • Room booking exists in The App.
Room Booking will sit alongside desk booking in The App. It will support a significantly improved booking experience vs Native Mobile.
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