What is Co-Working?

Organisations may work in a shared office space alongside other companies. Space Connect provides a solution that manages a shared workspace. 

It is becoming more common for buildings will provide meeting rooms that can be used by any tenants within the building. Space Connect allows a host organisation to create rooms with a single, shared calendar that can be accessed by all tenants but is only controlled by the host organisation, using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Tenants may also want the details of the meetings recorded in their own calendar (Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace) so the system can also sync to each calendar to ensure the details are saved and shared. 

Co-working allows you to grant Space Connect access to organisations outside of your tenancy. This allows you to share your office resources with organisations that regularly use them.

If company admins in the organisation use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace then the list of users will be managed there. Co-working is controlled at one location level, so different office buildings can have different sets of members and users.  

For more information on how to set up a co-working account with us please see our article here.

Please Note: When using Co-Working to book rooms a booking email will need to be set up within the sub-account account, This account must have a license to book meetings.

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