How to Set-up Co-working within Space Connect

If you have two separate organisations that require access to the same booking spaces, you'll need to set up a Co-working account with us. This will enable both organisations to share the same booking spaces.

How does my Co-Working account differ from a standard account?

When you sign up for a Co-working account with us, you will have the benefit of two separate linked accounts. Organisation A will be responsible for managing all the locations, levels, desks, and rooms that you wish to share with your subaccount, Organisation B.

As the main organisation, Organisation A will have administrative access to these spaces and will be able to make any necessary changes. Whilst Organisation B will have the ability to view and reserve all the spaces within Organisation A but they will not have administrative access to alter any of the locations, levels, or desks.

However, Organisation B can set up their own locations, levels, desks, and rooms independently from Organisation A. It's worth noting that Organisation A will not be able to view or book any of these separate spaces.

When creating a Co-Working account, it's necessary to set up a Co-Working Booking email with an active booking license if you're planning to use rooms. This email will need to be created within Organisation A. The booking account will serve as the organiser and the actual booker, as well as anyone else who has been invited, will be automatically included in the booking invitation.

If you're interested in setting up a Co-working account with us, please inform your account manager or reach out to us at Alternatively, you can use the instant chat feature located on the right-hand side of your screen to get in touch with us.

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