How to Create a Service Account for Google Workspace

This is the second step of setting up your Google integration with Space Connect. Please make sure you follow the next stage at the bottom of each article in order.

In order for Space Connect to seamlessly integrate with user calendars, we require a Service Account to be established. Follow the below steps to set up a Space Connect service account.

Please ensure you have completed the steps in the article here first before continuing.

Firstly, Log in to your Google Cloud Platform and click "API & Services". Click the "Credentials" menu item.

Click on the "Create Credentials" button and select the "Service account" tab.

Enter the below details to create the service account.

Service Account Name = SpaceConnect Service Account

Click "Create and Continue" then move on to step 2.

Role = Owner

Step 3 can be left blank.

Click "Done"

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the new service account to get the edit credentials page. Then navigate to the 'keys' tab.

Click "Add Key" and select "Create new key".

Key Type = P12

Click "Create" and save the file.

After you select the "Create" button, the P12 file will automatically download. The New private key details will display and show you the private key password.

NOTE: You will need to record the private key password as you will need these later.

In the Google Cloud Platform, navigate to APIs & Services in the left-hand side menu then click "OAuth consent screen".

Make sure the project “Space Connect” is selected at the top and then tick the option “External” and click "Create".

Add in the following information on "App Information".
App name: Space Connect 
User support name: inform the email of an administrator
Developer contact information: add the email of an administrator
Click "Save and Continue"
In step 2 - “ Scopes”:
Click "Save and Continue"
In step 3 - “ Test Users”:
Click "Save and Continue"
In step 4 - “ Summary”: 
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Back to Dashboard"

Click on "Credentials" on the left-hand side of the navigation tab. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the new service account to get the edit credentials page. Click on "Show Advanced Settings". Then Click on "Create Google Workspace Marketplace-compatible OAuth Client".

Go back to "APIs and Services" and select the "Credentials" tab in the left-hand menu. Record the Client ID of the service account in the OAuth 2.0 client IDs section as you will need this later.

Now it's time to create the Apps and set the scope. 

Sign in to the Google Admin Console here. Click on the Security tab on the left-hand navigation menu. Then click on "Access and data control" to expand the drop down. Click "API Controls". From here Click "Manage Domain Wide Delegation" towards the bottom and then click "Add New".

Paste the Client ID you recorded and copy the following scopes in the "One or More API Scopes" field. 
Note - Copy the full list and paste.,,,,,,,

Click on the "Authorise" button.

Go back to the security tab on the left-hand menu. Click on the "Access and data control" drop down then click "API Controls". Once in on the API Controls page click on "Manage Third-Party App Access" then click "Add App" then click on "OAuth App Name or Client ID" and enter the following link: 

Click "Search". "Select" Space Connect. Tick the available Client ID then click "Select". Now select "Trusted" for the level of access and click "Configure" to complete.

Please Note: if "Add Apps" is not showing then go to configure apps above where it should be.

You're now ready to move on to the next step here.

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