How to Activate your Google Calendar API & Admin SDK

Follow this guide to start your set-up of your Google Workspace SSO. 

This is the first step of setting up your Google integration with Space Connect. Please make sure you follow the next stage at the bottom of each article in order.

Follow this link here and log in using your Google administrator account. Once logged in the Google Developers page will open to the "Manage Resources" page.

Click on the "Create Project" button to open the new project form. Enter Space Connect as the project name and select the correct domain for your organisation's calendar resources. Click the "Create" button when complete. 

From the left-hand side, the menu then click on "APIs & Services" and "Library" from the sub-menu. Make sure that you are in your new project.

Search for or scroll down and click on the "Google Calendar API" tile then click the "Enable" button.

Navigate back to the API Library.

Search for or scroll down and click on the "Admin SDK API" tile then click the "Enable" button.

Once you have completed these steps you can move on to the next stage here

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