What is Co-Working

Organisations may work in a shared office buildings alongside other companies.  For example managed offices spaces or start up centres.  It is common that these buildings will provide meeting rooms that can be used by any of the tenants within the building.  

SpaceConnect provides a solution that lets the host organisation create rooms with a single, shared calendar that can be accessed by all tenants but is controlled by the host (using Microsoft Exchange or Google G-Suite).

Tenants may also want the meeting details recorded in their own personal calendar (Exchange or G-Suite) so the system can also link to each tenants calendars and ensure the meeting details are saved to both the shared calendar, and the tenant's own calendar.

Co-working allows member organisations to be added to a specific location, and then to have users added for each member org.  If member organisations use Microsoft O365 (AD) or Google G-suite then their list of users can be managed there and SpaceConnect will respect these lists.

Co-working is controlled at a location level - so different office buildings can have different sets of members and users.