Viewing Events List

Organisations may have many catering events throughout the week and want a single place to view details of upcoming requirements.  Space Connect addresses the business problem by offering an Events List that allows users to view all catering events for a selected date.  

Step 1: Login and Open Events List

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at

From the left hand menu select Conference & Catering > Events.

Select the required location and specify a date, then click on Search to return all relevant catering events.

Step 2: View External Guests (Optional)

When a catering event is created in the Outlook Add-in, it is possible to enter details of the external guests who should be included.  When viewing the event list it is possible to view details of all guests.  

Clicking "VIEW GUESTS" opens a page listing all guests along with their contact details.

This information can be exported to .csv format if necessary for processing in other applications.

Step 3: Export Guest List (Optional)

When viewing the list of catering events for a date, it is possible to export the details into a .csv file format.  The export file lists all external guests for all events on that day.

Instead of exporting the guest list for each event, this option provides a summary.

Step 4: View Access for Concierge Members

The events list view is accessed from the Space Connect admin portal.  Some clients want concierge team members to access this events page, but without giving them full admin access.

To address this, a separate user role is available for "Concierge users".  This allows members to access only the event list of the admin portal.

Creating this user group and adding members is covered in this separate article: