How to Set up Social Distancing - Desks

Social distancing options are intended to help employees maintain a distance from each other within the workplace and to reduce cross contamination of spaces.

Step 1: Sign into Admin Portal 

To toggle on social distancing features, you will need to firstly sign into the admin portal -

Step 2: H&S/COVID-19 Settings

From the left-hand navigation menu, select "Configuration" and then "H&S/COVID-19". The landing page will take you to 'Social Distancing', where the social distancing features can be toggled on or off. 

The following are the social distancing features available for desks: 
  • Future booking window
    This allows an organisation to set a limit on how far in the future bookings may be made.  This can help with controlling the number of people in a building.  
  • Whole day booking
    Often desk bookings can be for set times and this would allow multiple people to book the same desk within a single day.  Due to possible cross-contamination of workspaces, organisations can now restrict all bookings to whole days.  This prevents multiple users in one day and allows full cleaning overnight between each booking.
    When this is enabled, the mobile app and desk booking sites change so users only enter dates and not times.
  • One Desk Only
    Whether a user can book multiple desks for the same time period.  If enabled, then users may not have overlapping bookings. They could still have multiple bookings in one day, just not overlapping.