How to Set up Social Distancing for Rooms

Social distancing options are intended to help employees maintain a distance from each other within the  workplace and to reduce cross contamination of spaces.

Step 1: Sign into Admin Portal 

To toggle on social distancing features, you will need to firstly sign into the admin portal -

Step 2: H&S/COVID-19 Settings

From the left-hand navigation menu, select "Configuration" and then "H&S/COVID-19". The landing page will take you to 'Social Distancing', where the social distancing features can be toggled on or off. 

The following are the social distancing features available for rooms: 

    • Adhere to room capacity limit (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)
      When a meeting room is created in Space Connect, a capacity is entered.  This setting tries to log when meetings may have exceeded this capacity.
      When a meeting is arranged for a room, Space Connect will count the number of accepted invitations, then deduct the number of virtual attendees.  If this remaining amount is above the capacity, it is logged.  This would allow facilities managers to see how often spaces are being too densely used.
      NOTE: This feature aims to highlight instances of overcrowding but it can only use the information available from meeting invitations and virtual meeting attendees.  It is possible that extra, uninvited people attend the meeting and this exceeds the capacity.  However, this would not be logged as Space Connect has no way of actually counting physical bodies in a room.

    • Default Online Meeting
      Space Connect can integrate with Microsoft Teams. 
      When meetings are created using the Space Connect mobile app users can choose to add these virtual meetings.
      This setting allows an organisation to define whether virtual meetings should be enabled by default.
      End-users of the mobile app can still disable the virtual meetings, but this allows an organisation to set a more useful, more socially distant default.