Sign in - Employee

When an employee arrives at a location using Space Connect VMS, these are the steps they will follow to access the site:

Step 1: Click "Employee"

The employee will approach the VMS device (could be a tablet on a stand).  They will see a list of options for registering.  They should click on "EMPLOYEES".

Step 2: Accept Image Use

If camera mode has been enabled, the VMS will take pictures of users to save their details for quicker signing out and future check-in.  Before an image can be taken, the visitor must accept or decline the capture and storage of their photo.  If declined, then the image is not taken and the user must enter all their details (skip to step 4).

Step 3: Take Photo

The device will then try to take a picture of the user.  This will use the native camera functionality. 
The user is then shown their image and can choose "Done" to accept or "Cancel" to retake the photo.
If facial recognition is enabled, when the image is accepted the system will then "Verify your face" - This is to check if the person's details are already stored for faster sign in.


Step 4: Enter Details

The employee must then enter their details. If they have registered before and their face was recognised, then the details will be displayed automatically.
If the image was not used, facial recognition is disabled, or the employee has not been recorded before then all fields will be blank and the employee must enter their details.

Step 5: Host Notification

When the employee enters their details and clicks "NEXT" they will see a confirmation message.  Clicking "CLOSE" then completes the process and the VMS returns to the landing page.