Setup Visitor Photo and Facial Recognition Options

When a guest arrives to meet a host, you can decide if you require a photo to be taken of the guest. If this feature is enabled, the guest photo will be sent in the SMS (if enabled) to the host and will also be available for the admin console. 

If you have badge printing enabled, the photo of the guest will also be printed on their badge.

Follow the steps below to configure the guest photo feature:

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect admin portal at
From the left hand navigation menu, navigate to Visitor Management > Settings then select the "Printing and Camera" tab.

Step 2: Visitor Badges

When a visitor arrives to meet a host, you can enable the VMS to print a badge sticker for the visitor to wear at all times whilst they are in the building.  The badge will display:

  • A photo of the visitor (if photo feature is enabled)
  • The host name
  • The visitor name
  • A logo of your company
  • Visitor code for them to use when signing out

Visitor Badge Printing
Toggle this switch to enable badge printing for the VMS.  If a printer is connected, a badge will be output.

Company Logo

It is possible to define the logo that is included on the badge. 
Click on "Choose file" to open a file picker dialog and select the relevant file (.PNG or .JPG format).

Step 3: Photo & Facial Recognition Options

It is possible to define whether images are taken of visitors or not.  These are configured using the options displayed under "Camera Mode".

  • Enable camera for visitor photos
    Whether photos should be taken of guests or not.  If enabled, the VMS app will use the table camera to take a picture that is stored and shared with the meeting host.
    If photos are disabled, then the alerts to hosts only contain the visitor name and company.
    Photos are saved to the cloud and not stored locally, so the tablet will not become clogged full of images.
  • Enable facial recognition of visitor photo
    When images are taken of guests, it is possible to use facial recognition to retrieve any previously entered details.  If someone is a frequent visitor this will save them time entering their name, company and contact details.
    If disabled, then the guest must enter their details every time they check in.
  • Prompt for users permission before photo is taken
    Some guests may not wish to provide a photo so it is possible to present users with a permission dialog.  If they click "ACCEPT" then the camera will be used to take the image.  However, if the users clicks "DECLINE" then no image is taken and the user must enter their details.  I.e. if a user declines the image, then facial recognition will clearly not function.

Step 4: Save

When any changes have been made, click the "Save" button.
You will then see a confirmation message stating "Your changes have been updated successfully".