Setup Terms & Conditions

If you have specific terms & conditions or an NDA you need guests to sign upon arrival before meeting their host, you can enable this feature and enter your specific terms details. 

Follow the steps below to add terms and conditions for visitors to accept:

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect admin portal at
From the left hand navigation menu, navigate to Visitor Management > Settings then select the "Terms and Conditions" tab.

Step 2: Enable Acceptance of T&Cs

To enable the display of Terms & Conditions for users, enable the toggle switch.  When activated, this will show the selected document to the user and they must then click "ACCEPT".

This is only displayed to a user for their first visit.  On subsequent visits it is not shown again.

Step 3: Select Document to Display

To select the document that is displayed to users, click on "Choose file".  This opens a standard file picker dialog.  Select the required file and then click "Open" to set the document.

The VMS only handles PDF files, so any Terms and Conditions must be in this format.

Step 4: Save

When any changes have been made, click the "Save" button.
You will then see a confirmation message stating "Your changes have been updated successfully".

Terms & conditions displayed in the tablet application