Setup Guest Types

Space Connect Visitor Management enables to you choose which types of people need to register when arriving within your organisation or building.  Follow the steps below to configure the types of guests:

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect admin portal at
From the left hand navigation menu, navigate to Visitor Management > Settings.

Step 2: Enable Guest Type

The default page will display the "Guest Type" tab.
Use the toggle control to enable or disable the visitor types who must register on arrival.  This covers the following options:

  • Deliveries
  • Visitors
  • Pre-registered Visitor
  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Members (built for co-working space)

Click on "Save" button to record the changes and apply these settings.

Step 3: Restart Application

The visitor management application will need to be fully restarted to apply any changes made.  There is also a "hidden" button in the bottom right corner of the screen that will allow a user to logout and sign in again.

When people arrive at the location, the first page of the VMS will then ask them to select the correct type.