Setting up a Locate Me Group in O365

To use the "Locate Me" function, an admin must first create AD groups in the O365 environment.

Step 1: Log In

  • Sign in to using your credentials.
  • Once signed in, click on the app launcher (dots in the top left corner) and select "Admin". This can also be found by typing it into the search bar.

O365 Groups


Step 2: Active Groups

  • Go to "Groups", and select "Active Groups" from the drop down menu

O365 Groups1


Step 3: Add a Group

  • Click "Add a group" and the pop-up will appear.
  • Choose a group type. It is recommended to use Microsoft 365, but choose based on the preferences of of the company. When chosen, click "Next".

O365 Groups2


Step 4: Name the Group

  • Choose a name that best suits the group. This name won't appear on the web portal, but can be seen on the admin portal. A brief description can also be added, but is not a requirement.
  • When these have been filled, click "Next".

O365 Groups3


Step 5: Assign Owners

  • Assign an owner to this page. It is recommended to input a minimum of 2 owners for ease of access.

Be sure to read the information note before continuing

  • Once owners have been allocated, click "Next".

O365 Groups4


Step 6: Group Settings

  • The settings page is where the group is assigned an email address. For ease, it is recommended to make this similar to the group name.
  • Once an email has been chosen, select a privacy setting. Again this is based on the company's preferences.
  • Here, the user can also choose to add this group to Microsoft Teams. This will create a group for the group's members to converse together in the Team's platform.
  • Once these selections have been made, click "Next"

O365 Groups5

  • A group has now been created. Click "Close" and the new group will soon appear on the "Active groups" page.

O365 Groups6


Step 7: Open the New Group

  • On the "Active groups" page, navigate to the new group and click on it. A pop-up will appear on the right-hand side. On this page there is a segment named "Members" to the right of this, click "Edit"
  • There are currently two formats for this page. If this format is not displayed, click "Members" and then "View all and manage members" to be directed to this page.

O365 Groups7


Step 8: Add Members

  • Click "Add members"
  • The members of the directory will appear, as well as a search bar. Scroll and find each user, or type their name into the search bar and click the user. It is possible to add multiple users at a time on this page.
  • Once the users have been selected, click "save".

O365 Groups8

  • An Active group has now been successfully created and populated.