Panel - Start Meeting Early

Space Connect provides the ability to enable or disable the 'START MEETING EARLY' feature on the meeting room display panel, preventing users from being able to start the meeting early.

IMPORTANT: When enabled, this feature will enable a user to start the meeting early however, it will adjust the booking start time in Exchange and automatically issue an updated invite to all attendees. 

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the 'Start Meeting Early' feature on the display panel.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at
You must be a system administrator to access and configure the settings for meeting room panels.

Step 2: Select notification

From the left hand navigation menu, select Configuration > Notification Settings.  This will open the page for "Edit Notifications and Alerts".

Step 3: Activate feature

Use the dropdown list of Alert/Notifications, select "Start Booking Early". 
Once selected, click on the "EDIT" button.

The "Current Status" dropdown field will be enabled.  To activate "Start Booking Early", select "Active" and save. To disable this feature, select "Deactive" and save.

Step 4: Apply change

NOTE: Once you have updated the settings in the web administration portal, you need to reset your display panel to update with the new settings. Follow the steps below to update the meeting room panel app.

Select the Settings button located at the bottom right corner of the meeting room display panel.

This will then prompt you to enter the administrator PIN (If you do not have this, please contact

Enter Passcode

Enter the administrator PIN to restart the panel setup wizard and apply any changes.