Microsoft Intune - Enable Space Connect to use Conditional Access Policies

Space Connect is now listed as a Microsoft Partner for Intune. This guide will show you how to enable Space Connect for your Intune policies.

Microsoft have recently added Space Connect as a partner and approved application for Intune Conditional access policies.

See this link below to see us on the list of Microsoft partners:

The instructions for enabling Space connect for the mobile apps are as follows:

iOS Enablement

  1. Go to your Endpoint Manager Admin Centre
  2. Then go to 'Apps'

    EndPoint Apps-1
  3. Select 'iOS/iPadOS'
  4. Click 'Add' and then select App Type as ‘iOS Store App’ – confirm at bottom of page.
    IOS Apps
  5. Under App Information, select ‘Search the App Store’ – search ‘Space Connect’ in search bar. Select Space Connect app when it appears and confirm at bottom of page
  6. Select ‘Next’ for ‘App Information’ and ‘Assignments’ (enter any assignment you require at this stage) then select ‘Create’ for ‘Review + Create’ – this will create and save the application.
    Add APP
    iOS Done-1


Android Enablement

  1. First, complete steps 1 & 2 as seen above.
    EndPoint Apps-1
  2. Select 'Android'
  3. Select ‘Add’ and then select App Type as ‘Managed Google Play App’ – confirm at bottom of page by clicking ‘Select’
    Add Android
  4. In the search bar, search for ‘Space Connect’. Select the application and click on ‘Approve’ and then ‘Approve’ again. Ensure ‘Keep Approved when app requests new permissions’ is toggled under ‘How would like to handle new app permission requests?’. Select ‘Done’ after this. You will need to click on ‘Select’ by leaving the page
    Android App
    Android Approve
  5. Finally, you may need to select ‘Sync’ in the left-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the android app page. Select ‘Refresh’ and wait to see the Space Connect app appear. (Please note: this can take a couple of minutes) 

If you have any issues during this process or if you have any questions, please reach out to the Space Connect Support Team