Managing preregistered visitors

It is possible to preregister visitors and provide their details before they arrive.  The visitor will receive an email confirming that they have been registered.  This will include a registration code that the visitor can enter to the VMS tablet when they arrive.  This will then display the details previously entered and allow the user to review and edit before confirming their attendance.

Visitors can be preregistered using the Admin Portal or through the Outlook Add-in.  To perform this via the Admin porta, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Pre-Registered Visitors

Login to the admin portal at using your administration credentials.
Using the left hand menu bar, select "Visitor Management" then "Pre-Registered Visitors".

Step 2: Register New Visitor

The page then displays the list of registered visitors.  
Click the button "REGISTER NEW VISITOR" in the top right corner.

Enter the details of the meeting location and also the guest details.


When details have been entered, click on "REGISTER VISITOR".  This will then save the details and return back to the list view.

Adding a new visitor will then trigger an email to the visitor that includes their registration code.