Installing the Desk Monitoring Application

This is a great tool to add some automation to your desk check-in experience.

The Desk Monitoring Application is a Windows-based application that enables automated presence detection of users at a desk location when plugging their computer into a Universal Docking Station.

The Desk Monitoring Application is compatible with the following Desk types:

  • When a user docks at their Booked desk. The application will detect that you have docked into the corresponding desk and automatically Check in the user.
  • When a user docks at an Agile desk, Space Connect automatically changes the status of the desk to 'Unavailable', ensuring others are able to view the real-time availability of desk space. When a user undocks, the desk is made available again for other users to occupy.
  • When a Fixed Desk user docks into their assigned desk, they will be checked in automatically and will be visible in the Locate me map.

Follow the steps below to install the Desk Monitor Application on a users machine:

Step 1: Log In to the Admin Portal

Access the admin portal at

Enter your credentials and sign in.

admin sign in


Step 2: Navigate to the Desk with the Docking Station

Using the Buttons, enter the Location by clicking View.

Locate me 1

It will take you to this screen. Select your Level and click Manage Desks.


Once you see the list of Resources, you need to go to the edit screen for a desk.

Click Edit to the right of the resource.

Edit Desk

Step 2: Add Docking station ID to Desk

Now you are on the edit screen you need to add the MAC Address of the Docking station to the Desk Device Connection section.

Edit Desk screen-1

Step 3: Download the Application

Download the application here

This will be a zipped archive that may need to be extracted before installing.

If you are installing a newer version of this app, you will need to uninstall the old version before installing the new version. Instructions for this can be found below.

Step 4: Install the Application

Once downloaded, open the "DeskMonitorSetup.exe" file.
Follow the installation steps install onto the device.

Step 5: Log in

The user will need to login and authenticate so that the desktop monitor "knows" who is using that device.  Run the application (either from the desktop icon or start menu) and the user is prompted to authenticate.

Step 6: Application Running

Once the application is installed, a tray icon will be visible showing that the application is running.



Right-click on the icon to "Open Space Connect Desk Monitor".  This will then show the current location information for the user - This is received once the device is connected to a registered docking station.


Uninstalling old versions of the application

Go to the start window,
Find the desk monitor, then right-click and select uninstall.
This will redirect you to the control panel where you can uninstall the app.
Then you can go ahead with installing the latest version.