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How to Reset your Password - O365, Google, OKTA and Email & Password

Here is a guide for users to reset their password for the SpaceConnect desk booking user portal.


Firstly, select the log in option that applies to your organisation. 

Depending on your organisation set-up, click one of the links:

Click here for O365 login

Click here for Google login

Click here for OKTA login

Click here for Email and Password


Once you have selected O365, enter the email address you use for your organisation. Then click the 'Forgot my Password' link. 

The link should take you to a screen like this, where you follow the instructions illustrated. 

Depending on the set up of the organisation, an email may have to be sent to your admin for a reset. 

The page should then look like this: 

After the administrator has received an email, they will alert you to set a new password.


When signing in with Google, you'll need to add your email address with your organisations domain email then press 'Next'. 

After entering your email address, and continuing to this screen above, click 'Forgot Password?' 

It will ask you to contact your company admin who can resend an email to reset your password.


To reset your password for OKTA, click 'Need help signing in?' then 'Forgot password?'  

Email & Password:

It is very simple to reset your password for email and password accounts. 

Simply, select email and password on the main screen. 

Enter your email address into the field and click 'Forgotten Password'

Once you have sent the notification, the link to reset your password will expire in 1 hour.