How to Create a Level Within a Location

This article will explain how to set up a level in a location

Creating a new level:

  • When initially signing in to the Space Connect admin portal, the landing page will display locations. On the location you wish to add a new level onto, click 'View'.
  • Click 'Add New Level' in the top right corner, where you'll be prompted to enter the following information:

    Level Name
    The name of the level, such as 'First Floor'
    Interactive Mapping Level ID (Obsolete)
    This field is now obsolete, our development team will be looking to remove this field in due course. We have recently moved away from a 3rd party map provider, and created our own interactive map creator!
    Major Identifier (Optional)
    This is only required when using sensors to monitor presence.  Each sensor has three IDs that are used to link them to a specific building, level and space.  This field is used to link the major identifier of the sensor to this level.
    Display Order
    Used to set the sequence for listing the levels such as when searching with the mobile application.  For example:
    Ground floor = "0"
    First floor = "1"
    Mezzanine = "2"
    Second floor = "3"

  • Click 'Add Level' to save the record and return to the location details.  The level is now ready to add Desks and / or Rooms.

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