How to Configure Locate Me

This is a step by step guide to configuring Locate Me. If set up correctly, it can be an excellent tool to find key contacts, find a desk, or find a colleague in the workspace.

This functionality is available to all integration types, however, Email and Password users have some restrictions: There is no Key Contact Group functionality.

Step 1: Log In to the Admin Portal

Access the admin portal at

Enter your credentials and sign in.

admin sign in


Step 2: Navigate to the Configuration page

Using the Icons on the left Open the Configuration menu and click Locate Me

Locate me 1

It will take you to this screen.

Locate me Config

Select the options you would like to be displayed on locate me when in the web portal.

Timing: The Real-Time Only Toggle restricts users from being able to change the date they wish to see bookings for.

Search: The search toggle restricts the ability to find a specific space or user. if this is off you can only see the key contacts list or select booked desks on the map to see the details.

Spaces: Toggle the Spaces to ON depending on which resources you use and wish to display, if a space is switched off but available it will not show up within locate me.

Step 3: Create a New Key Contacts

Click on Create New Contact

Locate me 3

Legend:  This is what the user will see when they use the Locate Me function. E.G. Sales Team, Management Team, Level 2 Employees.

Mapping: This is the name of the group itself that exists in your Active Directory. It must be exactly the same to what is set up in Active Directory

Note:  that Mapping name is case sensitive.  "firewardengroup" is different to "FireWardenGroup".

Border Hex: This is the outline colour for the desk.

Background Hex: This is the main colour of the highlighted desk. 

Once the boxes have been filled in correctly and the colours have been chosen, click Save Changes

Locate me 3.5

It will now be possible to see a colour-coded interactive floorplan of your employees if they have made a desk booking and exist in at least one of the Locate Me Active Directory groups. 

There is a maximum limit of 6 Groups.