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How to Add a User (Email + Password Account Only)

How to add individual users

Adding a new user:

Within the Space Connect Admin Portal, navigate to 'Users' on the left hand side menu.  Click the  'Add new user' button at the top right-hand corner.

Complete the required fields:

First Name & Last Name:
The name of the user.  This is how the system will show their name on any booking reports.
The email address of the user.  This is what users must enter to log in and where booking notifications will be sent. This must be unique across the system, so two user records cannot have the same email address.

The email address must match the domain of your organisation as Space Connect uses the domain to work out which client database to access.


This defines the new user's role within the Space Connect system. "User" provides standard access to the system.  "Company Admin" provides admin access, which includes access to the admin portal and the ability to alter the settings of the VMS and room panel apps. 

Default Preferences - Mobile App Only:

Set default preferences for the user so that they don't have to change the location, level and zone* when booking a desk on the mobile app.

* Our Zone feature is currently being worked on, and therefore will not take effect if a default zone is set. If you have any questions, please discuss with your account manager, or our support team.


User registration:

  • When a new user account is created, an automated email is sent to the user. This emails instructs the user to click a link to complete their registration for Space Connect.  They will not be able to log in to the system until this step is completed.

Important!  This link is only valid for 24 hours from being sent.  If the user does not click the link within this time, the link will expire and a new registration email must be sent.


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