How to Add a New Location

This article will explain how to set up a new location

Adding a new location:

  • When initially signing in to the Space Connect admin portal, the landing page will display locations (if any) that have been set up for you already.
  • Click 'Add new location' in the top right-hand corner. 

    You will be asked to enter the following information:

    The name of the location.  This could be the name of the building or the city/town the location is in. 
    The postal address of the location.
    Time zone
    The time zone of the location.  This is important to ensure the system can correctly save and display bookings for users all over the world.

    Optional settings:

    Location Image
    It is possible to provide an image for each location that simply helps when administering the system.  This must be a .PNG or .JPG file format.
    If not provided, a generic placeholder image will be used.
    UUID (Applicable when using sensors)
    This is only required when using sensors to monitor presence.  Each sensor has three IDs that are used to link them to a specific building, level and space.  This field is used to link sensor data to this building.
    Geo Community ID & Geo Drawing ID (Obsolete)
    These fields are now obsolete, our development team will be looking to remove these fields in due course. We have recently moved away from a 3rd party map provider, and created our own interactive map creator!
    Daily Room Booking Limit (Only applies for Meeting Rooms)
    Used to restrict the number of room bookings that may be made by each user per day.  This can be useful if certain users are creating excessive bookings and preventing others from accessing any rooms.  The default value of "0" means no limit is applied.

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