Generate QR Codes

Space Connect supports desk checkin by scanning QR codes. This article describes how to quickly generate QR codes for desks.

Step 1: Login and Choose Location

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at
Your landing page will show all your locations.  Click on "VIEW" for the location you would like to generate QR codes.

Step 2: Manage Desks for Level

When viewing a location, all levels will be listed. Select "Manage Desks" for the level you would like to generate QR codes. This will then display the list of all desks for the selected level.
Desk list

Step 3: Select Desks

When viewing the list of desks, use the check box on the left hand side to select the required desks (or you can select all - highlighted in red).  When desks are selected, the button for "Generate QR codes" becomes active

QR Codes list-1

Step 4: Select Avery format and Generate

Out of the box, Space Connect can output labels compatible with three Avery Labels : L7120, L7121, and L7122

Select the format required from the dropdown and click on "GENERATE QR CODES".  This will open a new page filled with QR codes for the selected desks.

These can be printed directly onto the Avery labels, or just printed to plain A4 and then cut out.

The QR code labels can then be placed on each desk ready to be scanned by users for check in.

If you would prefer to make your own labels then take head on over for a step-by-step guide.