Generate custom QR codes

Space Connect supports desk checkin by scanning QR codes. This article describes how to create custom designed QR codes for desks by using the Avery label maker

Step 1: Login and choose location

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at
Your landing page will show all your locations.  Click on "VIEW" for the location you would like to generate QR codes.


Step 2: Export desks for level

When viewing a location, all levels will be listed. Select "Manage Desks" for the level you would like to generate QR codes. This will then display the list of all desks for the selected level.


From the list view, select the desks to be exported (or you can select all if needed).  Then click on "EXPORT DATA".  This will then generate a .csv file containing the desk details such as name, location, and url for the QR code.


Space Connect can export desk details and these can then be used in any label maker application.  This guide uses the Avery Label website but other tools are available.

Step 3 - Avery Labels website

With the .csv file ready, open the Avery labels website at

Find the page layout required.


When viewing the page, click on "Start Designing".  This will require you to create a free account with Avery.  


Step 4 - Select template

Once logged in, Avery present a range of templates or start with a blank layout.  Use which ever option looks best for you.  Selecting a template then opens the designer view.


Step 5 - Import Data

In the label designer, select "Import Data Mail Merge" from the left hand menu.


You will then be prompted to select a file - choose the .csv export file produced earlier.

The system then displays the data from the .csv file.

Uncheck the first row as this contains headers and you don't need a label for that.


One the data is selected, you will be able to select which fields are added to the label. Select Desk Name, Level, and Location.  URL will be added later.

Once the data has been imported, you can then adjust the layout on the page.


Step 6 - Add QR Code 

Once the data has been imported it is time to add the QR code.  From the left hand menu, select "QR or Barcodes".  Then click on the button at the top for "Add Barcode or QR Code".


On the next dialog, select the option for "Spreadsheet or Sequential Number" then click Next.


On the next screen, choose the following options:

  • Industry Standard Format = "QRCode"
  • Code Type = "URL"
  • Website = select "QR Code URL" from the left hand side, and drag into this field

Click "Finish" and teh QR code will then be displayed on the label designer.


Step 6 - Adjust design

Once all elements are on the page, adjust the layout, typefaces, logo, etc.


When you are happy with the design, click on "Preview & Print" to see a full sheet of labels with your data. From here you can then print the labels yourself or even request they are printed by Avery.


This guide shows how custom labels can be generated using Avery.  Other label providers are available that can perform mail merge and generate QR codes from URLs.