Disconnecting Space Connect - Microsoft O365

Sadly there are times when clients no longer want to use Space Connect.  This article covers how to remove the connections between Space Connect and your O365 environment.

When setting up Space Connect, clients will have granted permission for the application to use O365 AD for authenticating users, and also granted permission for sharing data with Exchange (so Space Connect can read/write to room calendars).  When permission is granted, Space Connect is registered as an Enterprise application under Azure Active Directory.  This is where applications are registered when they need to communicate with AD and use the AD Single Sign On functionality.


Step 1: Login to Azure Active Directory


Step 2: Select Entry

Space Connect may be listed twice:

  1. SpaceConnectNative - this is used by the mobile application
  2. SpaceConnectOnline - this is used by the web application

Select either of these to view the details, and then select "properties" from the left-hand menu.


Step 3a: Disable Space Connect

When viewing the properties of "SpaceConnectOnline" or "SpaceConnectnative" you can choose to disable the feature rather than fully delete it.  Set "Enabled for users to sign-in" to "No".  This will prevent users from being able to access Space Connect but will not delete the connections.

Step 3b: Delete Space Connect

Alternatively, to fully remove Space Connect, you can click on "Delete" from the top menu bar.  This will then show a confirmation dialogue.  Click "Yes" and the link to Space Connect will be fully severed.

Remember to delete both entries for "SpaceConnectNative" and "SpaceConnectOnline".


If deleted by accident, a new connection can be established easily following the steps for new client setup. i.e. login to the Space Connect admin portal as an administrator where you will be prompted to grant permissions.