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Desk Reservations

Space Connect has two different type of desks: "Bookable", where the desk is reserved for use, and "Agile" where it is not booked, but someone sits at an empty space and they then become marked as occupied.

Based on these two different types, the Outlook add-in has two separate options relating to finding desks.

  1. "Desk Reservations" is for bookable desks.
  2. "Find Available Desks" is for finding agile desks that are currently available. 

This article covers the first option.

Step 1: Create a New Appointment

In Outlook, go to the calendar and select ‘New Meeting’.  The standard "New meeting" dialog will appear. 
Although the meeting is not required for finding desk spaces, this is the only way to open the add-in.


Step 2: Select the Space Connect Add-in

From the ribbon toolbar, click on the Space Connect add-in which has the text "Search for Available Spaces".  


The Add-in will launch in a side bar on the right.  Click on "Get Started" to login (A small window may appear whilst the system authenticates you).  The add-in "Home page" will then be displayed.



 Step 3: Open "Desk Reservations"

Clicking on "Desk Reservations" will open the desk booking website within a web browser.  (https://app.spaceconnect.co/#/)

Booking a desk through the desk booking application is covered in this article below: https://spaceconnect.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206976909-Create-a-new-desk-booking