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Deleting Users

When using Internal authentication (Email + password access) the list of users can be managed by client administrators and old user accounts must be manually deleted when no longer required.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Admin Portal at https://app.spaceconnect.co/admin

This is only accessible for users with an admin role. For Email + Password clients, Space Connect will need to setup the first admin user.
Once logged in, the landing page will display that shows all existing locations (if any).

Step 2: Navigate to Users

Navigate to "Users" from the left hand menu.  This will then list all users that are currently defined for your organisation.

Step 3: Delete user

The page will list all users currently defined for your organisation.  Against each user is a button for "DELETE".  Simply click this button and a confirmation dialog is displayed saying :

"Are you sure you want to delete this user?"

Click "Cancel" to return to the user list, or click "OK" to proceed and delete the record.

One deleted the user will no longer have access to the system.