How to Define H&S Contacts

If a user fails the COVID questionnaire, an H&S contact is notified about this. This article details how those contacts are set up.

Step 1: Login and navigate to H&S/COVID-19

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at
Using the left hand menu, navigate to Configuration > H&S/COVID-19

Step 2: Enter H&S Contacts

Click on the tab for "H&S Contacts".  This will then display any existing contacts.

Click on "ADD NEW CONTACT" to display a new row with blank fields. 
Enter the following information:H&S Contacts

  • Email
    The email address of the contact.  This can be any email address and does not have to be a user of Space Connect. 

  • Location
    A contact is defined for a specific location which is select from the drop down field.  It is possible to have multiple contacts per location. We would recommend at least one contact is defined for every location in your system.

When finished, click "SAVE" to record the update.