Creating Interactive Maps

The Space Connect mapping tool is an easy and effective method of adding and editing maps for an office location. Every floor has the possibility of having an interactive map, with a visual representation of the Desks, Rooms, Huddle Spaces and Zones

Step 1: Login and Choose Location

Login to the Space Connect Administrators Portal at
Your landing page will show all your locations. 

Click on "VIEW" for the location you would like to open the mapping tool for.

Step 2: Create and Upload Map

Click “Create” to open the map editor.

A floor plan image needs to be uploaded, which must be a png, jpg or svg image.

Select “upload image” and then “new image” which then allows you to select the relevant floor plan.

You then have the option to crop the image to correctly fit within the boundaries of the image. You can do this by dragging the four blue corners of the image. The darkened regions reflect areas that will be cropped out. After you have cropped the image, select “Done” and the image will be uploaded.

Step 3: Add rooms, Desks, Huddle Spaces and Zones

The menu on the left-hand side of the page shows the spaces that can be added.

Please note: Only spaces that have already been added to the system can be added to the map


To add a space, click on the coloured shape from the menu and drag it onto the map. To remove a space, hover over the space in the menu and simply click on the “X” to the right.

Desks can be resized by double-clicking on the blue desk. By pulling on the shape in one of the four corners, you can alter the desk to the desired size. To move a desk, double click it and drag it to the desired location.

To add a room, drag the green square from the menu onto the map. Each square has four corners that can be dragged, allowing the shape to be fitted correctly. Extra waypoints can be added to the shape for more complex designs. Hovering over the edge of a shape will display an outline waypoint. By clicking on the edge, a new waypoint is created which enables the shape to be fitted correctly.

Zones and huddle spaces are added in the same way as rooms.

To change the colour of the zone, right-click on the zone square in the navigation menu and select from the available colours. 

Please find a visual tutorial on adding zones below

Step 4: Labels

Labels are automatically added to each space. The labels can be displayed or hidden by clicking the “Eye” button on the right-hand side of the page. They can be moved by clicking on them and then dragging them. This applies to all spaces.

Additional labels can be added by clicking the “T” button, which is also on the right-hand side of the page. The new label will then appear on the map. By double-clicking on the new label, you can alter its text. To delete a new label, hover over the label and select the “X” that appears.

(Please Note: You cannot alter the text of desks, rooms, zones and huddle spaces’ labels this way. Their text can be altered through their managed sections. E.g. “Manage Desks”)

Step 5: Change or Crop Map

If the layout of the office changes and consequently a new map is required, a new floor plan can be uploaded. This can be done by clicking the crop button on the right-hand side of the page. This opens the image cropping screen. To upload a new image, select “New Image” at the bottom of the page. Select the new floor plan, crop the image to the correct boundaries, and select “Done”.

KB Mapping Article Image 6

To crop an existing floor plan, click on the crop button. This opens the image cropping screen. You can crop the image the same way as detailed in step 2 above.

Step 6: Undo Changes

If you've made a mistake or need to undo the changes you have made, such as cropped the image to smaller than intended and pressed 'Done', you can change the size by pressing the crop button again to review the image and crop it to size. 

If you have placed a desk in the wrong position and cannot find it, you can click the desk tab on the left hand side, find the desk number and press the X. This will remove the desk from the map and re-add it to the list for you to place again! 

Step 7: Delete Map

It is possible for a map to be deleted. This is available in Map Editor.

Each map in your organisation is listed here. Click the ellipsis button (“…”) and the options to edit and to delete appear. By selecting “Delete”, a confirmation message is then displayed. Select “Confirm” to delete the map.