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How to add a General Security Group to restrict user access into Space Connect

This article will explain how to create a general security group via the Microsoft 365 admin center.

NB: Only global and user management administrators have permissions to create, edit, or delete security groups.

Add a security group

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to the Groups > Groups page.

  2. Within the Groups page, select Add a group.

  3. On the Choose a group type page, choose Security.

  • The name of the group needs to be SpaceConnectUserGroup
  • Click Add to save the new group. The click Close to return to the list view.

How to add members to the group

  • Once you have created the general user active directory group, the relevant users are required to be added to the group.
  • From the list of groups, search for SpaceConnectUserGroup and open. This will then open a dialogue showing the list of owners and members.

    NB: You may need to refresh the list for the newly added group to appear

  • Click on View all and manage members > + Add members. Search for users to be added to the group. Once complete, click Save and then Close. 
  • The group is now updated to include the selected members.  This can be repeated whenever needed to add additional users.


Please notify your Space Connect Operations Contact if you have added a general user group. A configuration change will be required to allow this.