Create a New Room Booking

Using the mobile app to book a meeting room is very simple. The process follows a common pattern of Search > View Results > Book > Confirmation.


Step 1: Login and Book Meeting

Login to the mobile application.  From the landing page select "Book Meeting".

view all bookings

Step 2: Search for Rooms

Enter the meeting details such as name and the required times & facilities.
Click "Search" to find all rooms that match the criteria.


Step 3: Select Room

Once searching for rooms, a list of results is displayed. A room which displays a green bar meets all of your search criteria. A yellow bar indicates a room that partially meets your requirements. 
Click on a result to view details of the room.
Either click back to return to the result list, or click "BOOK" to make the reservation.  

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Step 4: Confirmation

 Once the user clicks on "Book", the booking is made and a confirmation dialog is displayed. 
Clicking "CLOSE" then returns to the landing page.