Create a New Desk Booking

Using the web app to book a desk is very simple and most users can perform this within 20 seconds.  The process follows a common pattern of Search > Select available desk> Confirmation. Follow these steps to create a new booking:

Step 1: Login

Login to the web app at : , select your configured authentication method and then enter your email address and password. 

New desk booking-1

Step 2: Search

After logging in, the landing page defaults to "Book a Desk". From here the user can enter their search criteria for desks.  The page automatically refreshes as new search values are selected. Please note:

  • If your organisation only allows all day booking, then times will not be displayed.
  • If you already have desks booked for several days, the application "assumes" you want the next date so automatically selects this.  However, this can be manually set if needed.
  • Location preferences are taken from your profile (currently only editable from the mobile app). However, these can be manually set for each booking.

Desk booking

Step 3a: Book Desk from Map

The application defaults to Map view when clients have interactive maps enabled. 
Desk availability is displayed for the selected date/time.  So when times are changed, the map updates.
Colour codes used for desks is the following:

  • Available = Green
  • Unavailable = Red

Click on an available desk and a dialog will appear with a "Book" button. 
Click this to make and confirm the booking.


Step 3b: Book Desk from List

If interactive maps are not enabled, or not available for the selected area, then a list of results is displayed.
A desk can be selected to view additional details.  
Click on "BOOK" to make and confirm the booking.


Step 4: Block Booking (Optional)

When making a booking, the user can choose to make a "Block Booking".  When toggled on, the user selects the days to book (Monday, Tuesday, etc) and the days into the future to consider (up to 30). So the user may choose to book every Thursday and Friday up to 21 days into the future.
Each day will be given a separate booking so can be cancelled individually.


Step 5: Confirmation

When a booking is made (either through the map or list view) then a confirmation dialog is displayed.
Clicking close will return to the landing page.  If map view is enabled, then the booked desk should now be shown as unavailable (red).