Concierge Team Members

When using internal catering, any meeting booked that uses catering will cause an email to be sent to the concierge team for the organisation so that they can then arrange the room as necessary.

Follow these steps to add a new member of the concierge team who will be managing all related catering activities within your organisation.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Admin Portal at

Step 2: Open Catering Settings

From the left hand navigation menu, select "Conference & Catering" and then "Internal Catering Settings".  The Caterings Settings page is then displayed. From the tab of options, select "Concierge Team".  


Team members can be deleted from this list and they will no longer be notified of new catering events.

IMPORTANT: If you have added a user to the concierge security group, then they will need to be removed from this as well to prevent them viewing the catering calendar.

Step 3: Add Concierge 

Click on the "CREATE NEW MEMBER" button.  This then opens the "Add New Member" page. 

Enter the details as required.

  • First Name / Last Name
    The name of the concierge team member.
  • Email
    The work email address of the concierge team member.  This is the email address where they will receive notifications of catering requests.
  • Phone Number
    The phone number of the concierge team member.  This is optional and is not used for notifications.

Select the 'ADD' button. This will add the member to the concierge team, who will then receive automatic messages depending on the activities being performed by the meeting host.