Agile Desks Automatic Release Time

Agile desks are designed to be automatically released after a set period of time, enabling other users to identify the space is now available to use. To change the automatic release time of an unoccupied desk, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Admin portal at

Step 2: Configure Notification

From the landing page, select 'Configuration > Notification Settings' for the left-hand menu.

Select "Desk Check-out Time" from the "Select Alert/Notification" dropdown list.
When the page loads the information, click on "EDIT ALERT".

Step 3: Edit Details

When editing the notification, it is possible to toggle the alert to active/inactive.  We suggest leaving this as "Active".
It is also possible to set the "Action time" which is how long the system should wait until making the desk available after a user undocks from a docking station.
e.g. If set to 10 minutes, then it will give the user 10 minutes since undocking to clear their things and leave the desk.  Then the desk will become available for another user to occupy.

Once completed, click the "SAVE" to keep the new settings. 
These changes will be immediately applied to Space Connect.