Catering Policies

Follow these steps to configure the options available to a user when booking a catering event.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Admin Portal at

Step 2: Open Catering Settings

From the left hand navigation menu, select "Conference & Catering" and then "Internal Catering Settings".  The Caterings Settings page is then displayed. From the tab of options, select "Policy".  This shows the policies that have already been defined.

Step 3: Add Policy

Click on the "CREATE NEW POLICY" button.  This then opens the "Create New Policy" page. 

Enter the details as required.

  • Name of Policy
    Enter the name of your Policy e.g. Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Description
    Enter a more detailed description of the policy.  

Click on the "CREATE POLICY" button. This will save the option.