Catering Options

When using the catering options for a meeting (booked through the Outlook add-in).  It is possible to select the catering options that should be provided.  This list of available options is defined in the system.

Follow these steps to configure the options available to a user when booking a catering event.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Space Connect Admin Portal at

Step 2: Open Catering Settings

From the left hand navigation menu, select "Conference & Catering" and then "Internal Catering Settings".  The Caterings Settings page is then displayed. 

The second tab on this area is for "Catering Options".  This shows the catering options that have already been defined.

Catering Settings

Records can be deleted from this list.  Any deleted items will no longer be visible to users when booking meetings.

Step 3: Add Catering Options

Click on the "CREATE CATERING OPTIONS" button.  This then opens the "Add New Catering Option" page. 

Catering Options

Enter the details as required.

  • Name of Catering Option
    The name of the catering options that is available to users. Such as "Tea & coffee" or "Sandwiches".
  • Description
    Enter a more detailed description of the options, such as "A selection of teas and coffee with biscuits and milk on the side".
  • Guest/Staff Ratio
    Enter the ratio of guests to staff. For example, if you had 1 staff member for every 10 guests for this type of catering, then enter '10'.
    This information is only a guide for the catering team.  It does not have any impact on using the software.
  • Related Policy
    Select any related policies for the event. 

Click on the "ADD CATERING OPTION" button. This will save the option and will automatically appear in the catering option dropdown for users when they are using the Outlook Add-in.