Cancel Booking

Users can edit a number of reminders on the admin portal.

The Cancel Booking notification setting is used to cancel meetings if no one checks in. Doing this will free up the room for other bookings. The system will make a room available if no one checks in to maximise room usage and reduce under utilisation of resources in the event a meeting is cancelled and the system isn't updated.

Step 1: Log In to the Admin Portal

Login to the administration website at
Once logged in, the landing page will display that shows all existing locations (if any).

Step 2: Notification Settings

In the menu, click "Configuration" and then "Notification Settings" in the drop down menu.

Step 3: Select a Notification

Click on the "Select a notification" drop down menu and select "Cancel Booking"

View the current settings (if any) then click "Edit Alert" to make changes.

Step 4: Create Settings

The user can change two things in these settings;

  • Action Time (mins) -  This is how users adjust the time the meeting room is cancelled and the notification is sent to the user. 15 minutes is a good estimate, as this gives users time to arrive at the meeting, set up and check in. Set this in conjunction with the "Cancellation Warning Reminder" to give users the best chance to check in.                                   
  • Current Status - This is how users turn the notification on (Active) or off (Deactive)

Once changes has been made, click "SAVE"