Booking Internal Catering

When the catering module is enabled, new options are available in the Outlook Add-in for booking meetings.  This allows the user to enter catering requirements.

Step 1: Open Outlook Add-in

(Using the Outlook add-in is covered in more detail here: Find Available Rooms)

From Outlook, create a new meeting or appointment.

From the ribbon bar, select the Space Connect Add-in.


This will then open the SpaceConnect add-in in a side bar.

Once authenticated, click on "Find Available Rooms" to specify criteria for finding rooms.

Step 2: Select Catering Required

When using the Outlook add-in, and selecting "Find Available Room", the user enters search criteria for finding meeting rooms.  As part of this, the user can check the box for "Do you require catering?" before clicking "NEXT".


Step 3: Enter Host Details

In the next step, enter the details of the host.  This is the person who is organising the meeting and arranging the catering.  

  • Event Host
    The name of the person who is the meeting host.  As you type, the system will display matches
    This person will receive notification of the catering meeting being booked.
  • Event Host Contact Number
    This is the contact number of the event host.
    This could be a landline or mobile/cell number.  This is used for reference only, no SMS messages are sent to this number.
  • Alternative Contact Name (Optional) + Alternative Contact Number (Optional)
    It is possible to enter an alternative person who could be contacted regarding catering arrangements. There contact number can also be entered.
    No automatic notifications are sent to this user.

Step 4: Catering Details

In the next step, enter the details of the required catering.  The options available are defined in Space Connect under "Internal Catering Settings".  This information is used to define specific catering requirements.

Step 5: Book Room

In the final step, the user selects a room that meets their criteria (date, time, resources, etc).  This will then book the room and the add-in displays a Confirmation message.

IMPORTANT: When booking catering meetings, the user does not need to submit the Outlook event as this is submitted through the add-in.

Step 5: Confirmation Email

When the room is added and the confirmation message is displayed, the user will receive a confirmation email summarising the meeting details and catering options.

Step 6: Notify Concierge Team

When the room is booked with catering, a notification email is sent to the concierge team members defined in the system. See our article on this: Concierge Team Members