How to Install the Visitor Management Application

The visitor management application needs to be installed on a device (usually a tablet on a stand located within the building lobby). The following steps show how to find and install the application.


The tablet application for iOS can be downloaded from the Apple app store which can be found here.


The visitor management application is not currently available for use on Android devices.

Windows 10/11

The tablet application for Windows 10 devices can be downloaded here.

Please note: You must be in developer mode when following these instructions.

If it's the first time you are installing the app,  and depending on the configuration of the host machine, you may be prompted to change the application security preferences etc. to allow unsigned applications.    

Once the Zip file has been downloaded, go to the file location and Unzip the file.

Enter the folder, right-click on the file named 'Install' and choose 'Run with PowerShell'.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Please Note: The Windows 10/11 app does not currently support badge printing.

Configuring conditional access policies for the VMS App

If you use Microsoft Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager then please be aware of the following:

Important - Space Connect’s Rooms permissions have a service dependency on Microsoft’s Graph API. This means that it cannot be included or excluded in the conditional access policies without also including/excluding the Office 365 app.

A service account should be created to be used with the VMS app.

We recommend that this service account is configured with its own conditional access policy (via Microsoft Endpoint Manager) with the following configuration:

Users - Include the Service Account.

Cloud apps or actions - Exclude the following Apps:

  • Space Connect
  • Space Connect Rooms
  • Space Connect Native
  • Office 365

Conditions - Device platforms - Android/iOS

Grant Access

One or more of the following options:

  • Require multi-factor authentication
  • Require password change
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