How to Use Interactive Maps

The interactive map is an easy and visible way to show an office floor. It provides a visual representation of active desks, rooms, huddle spaces, zones and the general layout of the floor to help employees navigate around their space.

Firstly, log in to Space Connect on the booking portal here and enter your email to be taken to the correct sign in method for organisation.

You will see all the active desks on your map. The available desks are shown as green icons and booked desks as red clocks (as seen in the legend). To book a desk, simply click on the green circle and select ‘Book’.

By clicking on a booked desk, you are able to see the desk’s name and who has booked it.

(Please Note: You can only view the desk occupier if ‘Locate Me’ is enabled on the organisation app configuration in the admin portal)

Labels are automatically toggled off. To switch them on, click on the ‘Eye’. This will show the desk, room, huddle space and zone labels.

The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ on the map allow the user to change the map’s magnification.

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